About Us ?

The story began with Mali, from the french countryside village to the London Fashion week

Mali Yero grew up in a small Vosges village in eastern France Vosges. At that time, there were no salon for Afro hair type. Therefore, the women of the African community organised themselves to mutually take care of their beautiful hair. They used all kinds of techniques, from straightening to braiding. They showed creativity and ingenuity through a multitude of pretty protective hairstyles.
Passionated from a very young age, Mali watched tirelessly, and with attention, these gestures of unparalleled agility and dexterity.
This ancestral know-how, coupled with the influence of African-American artists in music videos were a great source of inspiration for Mali who decided to embark on creation.

Then began a long journey of over 20 years, taking her first steps in hairdressing salons ranging from the Parisian suburbs to the back shops of exotic groceries in the city of Nancy.
Thanks to all her hard work and efforts, she joined a prestigious international school for hairdressing and aesthetics, where she was able to learn new skills and finally obtain an academic training in the profession.
From now on, the science of hair, scalp and skin holds no longer secrets for her.
Mali always wanted more in order to acquire knowledge. In doing so, she wanted to go on new adventures, to travel the world and discover new opportunities.

She luckily took a trip to New York and Atlanta, where she was able to find the best hairdressers in the world. She also had the chance to go to Senegal where the braiding techniques and ceremonial hairstyles are globally famous. 
Back in France, she created Beautylicious Hair, an independent hairdressing business to beautify the hair of people from her home area in  Nancy and  The Vosges.

She went to London a few years later where a new adventure awaited her by joining the prestigious company Toni and Guy, official ambassador of the London Fashion Week. She collaborated backstage with the biggest brands in international hairdressing.
With all her years of working and studying cosmetology, it has finally become her biggest achievement when YERO PROFESSIONAL was born.

What does ‘Yero’ mean?

Yero has its origin in the name of the father of the founders. A loving dad who raised Mali in the values of work. A west-African shepherd who came to France working as a warehouseman. Working very hard for the success of his childrens. An honourable dad they wanted to praise.

The founders: The Yero sisters

Mali created this company with the people who supported her from the very first day, her sisters. They decided to combine their skills. Yero Professional, a family business of volunteering women, hardworking and willing to offer services of quality.

The spirit of the brand

We provide a range of groundbreaking products for people around the world. Yero Professional will provide you with the answers to your needs thanks to the latest scientific and cosmetic innovations. Our formulas are created from biological and organic products which are adaptable to our new lifestyles. Discover the range of Chebe collection through practical, effective and above all natural products. Our mission is helping you achieve your hair goals and make you feel glamorous. Yero Professional is a multicultural brand because beauty knows no borders.

The spirit of Chebe Collection

We have set up a smoothing range taking into account the latest innovations.

That includes a unique formula containing the best of cosmetic science with molecules such as hyaluronic acid, Plex, tannin and keratin.

In addition, we put at your service the best of the pharmaceutical industry such as biotin, cystin and vitamin E. We have developed the first smoothing range from Chebe powder, a high-performance biological component