Pro tips

HAIR STRAIGHTENER We recommend using a good straightening iron (nano-titanium plates are ideal), which is equipped with a temperature regulator. It should be used between 150 and 190 degrees, if it is fine or delicate hair; between 180 and 210 if it is normal, and between 200 and 230 if it is very thick. Each

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Application methods

Organic Protein Step by step   Make 2 to 3 step 1 clarifying shampoo Dry the hair at 60% Apply the Botulinum B-tox product strand by strand, respecting a distance of 0.5cm from the scalp. Using a fine comb, remove the excess and align the hair. Wear protective gloves when applying the product. Leave to

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The molecules and ingredients 

CHEBE Chebe powder is a natural product from the seed of Chebe. A miraculous organic powder that is the secret for the beautiful, long and strong hair of Chadian women. An ancestral beauty secret. This powder will strengthen, provide nutrition, shine and boosts hair growth. Real growth booster, increases hair density, retains moisture (i.e. hydration),

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